Common key combinations for accent marks:

Windows: use the ALT key and the number pad usually found on the right of your keyboard (NOT the numbers at the top of your keyboard). Please make sure that your keyboard's 'Num Lock' is ON. Then hold down the ALT key and type the number code for the required letter. The letter will appear AFTER you have released the ALT key.

Apple Mac: use the 'option' (sometimes labelled 'opt') or 'alt' key and a combination of one or two other keys at the same time.

Alternatively, cut and paste the character you require from the table below into the search box above.

CharacterWindows PCApple Mac
àAlt + 0224Option + ` + a
áAlt + 0225Option + e + a
äAlt + 0228Option + u + a
çAlt + 0231Option + c
èAlt + 0232Option + ` + e
éAlt + 0233Option + e + e
êAlt + 0234Option + I + e
ëAlt + 0235Option + u + e
ïAlt + 0239Option + u + i
öAlt + 0246Option + u + o
¨Alt + 0252Option + u + u

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