1876: all exhibits

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List of 10 exhibits from the catalogue for this exhibition.
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Exhibit no. Exhibitor Exhibit title Section Picture Browse catalogue
1 Royal Engineers A Tree Study     catalogue page
2 T. M. Brownrigg Ravine in Glen Ashmol, co. Dublin     catalogue page
3 T. M. Brownrigg A Rapid in Glen Druid, co. Dublin     catalogue page
4 T. M. Brownrigg Glen Druid (from the West), co. Dublin     catalogue page
5 G. H. Dunmore Japanese China, from the collection of Major Walter, of Wallasey (Liverpool)     catalogue page
6 Robert Gordon La Rance, Dinan     catalogue page
7 Baynham Jones Raglan Castle (Water Tower and Bridge)     catalogue page
8 Robert Gordon La Rance, Dinan     catalogue page
9 J. H. Manns Views in Gibraltar     catalogue page
10 J. H. Manns Tangier and Tetuan     catalogue page