1874: all exhibits

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List of 10 exhibits from the catalogue for this exhibition.
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Exhibit no. Exhibitor Exhibit title Section Picture Browse catalogue
1 to 4 Van der Weyde Six Photographs, finished by the Van-der-Weyde process     catalogue page
5 Wm. England Statuary in the International Exhibition, 1874     catalogue page
5* J. Norman Lockyer Four Photographs of Solar and Metallic Spectra     catalogue page
6 O. G. Rejlander "Expressions"     catalogue page
7 Valentine Blanchard Barry Sullivan     catalogue page
8 Valentine Blanchard Capt. Bucknill, R.E.     catalogue page
9 Valentine Blanchard Manville Fenn     catalogue page
10 Valentine Blanchard Sir Arthur Elton, Bart.     catalogue page
11 Valentine Blanchard Miss Hester     catalogue page
12 Valentine Blanchard A Portrait     catalogue page