Details from 1911 Fifty-sixth Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain

Held at Prince's Skating Club, Knightsbridge, London, W. from 9 May to 31 May, describing 1222 exhibits by 353 exhibitors.

Judges and Selecting and Hanging Committee Members:

Hollyer, F. T.,  · Munro, L. Walker,  · Smith, A. E.,  · Low, F.,  · Sawyer, C.,  · Sinclair, James A.,  · Smith, W. H.,  · Wellington, J. B. B.,  · Farren, W.,  · Martin-Duncan, F.,  · Pike, Oliver G.,  · Ward, Francis, Dr. · Cadby, W.,  · Holcroft, Harold,  · Holding, E. T.,  · Inston, Charles F.,  · Keighley, Alexander,  · Lewis, Furley,  · Butcher, W. Deane, Dr. · Jones, Chapman,  · Mees, C. E. K.,  · Ogilvy, J. W.,  · Shackleton, W.,  · Waterhouse, J., Major-Gen. ·

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Lantern Lectures · Collection of Photographs Taken and Lent by Her Majesty Queen Alexandra · Loan Collection of Photographs of His Majesty King Edward VII. · I. Pictorial Photography · II. General Photography, including Lantern Slides and Stereographs · III. Colour Photography, Including Autochromes and Other Direct Screen-Colour Transparencies · IV. Natural History Photography · V. Scientific Photography and Processes of Reproduction · Stereographs and Transparencies in Sections II., III. and V. · VI. Photographic Apparatus & Materials. Professional Photography ·